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SDC Building, Terminal Road 3, Benny Imperial St., Tahao Road, Barangay 37- Bitano, 4500 Legazpi City, PHILIPPINES


The State is committed to the care, protection and rehabilitation of that segment of the country’s population (individual, family and community) which has the least in life in terms of physical, mental and social well-being and needs social welfare assistance and social work intervention to restore their normal functioning and participation in community affairs.


To provide interventions/opportunities that will uplift the living conditions of the distressed and disadvantaged individuals, families, groups and communities and enable them to become self-reliant and actively participate in national development.

CSWDO workers distribute Philhealth cards and MDRs to the qualified beneficiaries of 70 barangays of Legazpi City
CSWDO workers visit barangays to conduct extensive & rigid PHIC MEMBERSHIP UPDATE AND ENROLMENT for all members under the sponsorship program of LGU, PGA , NHTS-NG and 4Ps of DSWD.
CA Noel Rosal welcomes the National Officers of ALSWDOPI at Sedcen Building,Landco Business Park, Legazpi City. The association holds a planning session re: 17th Annual National Social Welfare and Development Forum & General Assembly on April 16 to 19, 2013 at The Oriental Legazpi.
CSWDOr Maria Marlene G. Manaya, RSW, MSSW presides over a meeting at the EIP Hall, SDC Building, CSWDO re: implementation of programs and services for CY 2013
Distribution of PGA, LGU & NHTS-NG Philhealth cards & MDRs in Banquerohan, Legazpi City. . .
Residents of Dita, Legazpi City wait in line for Philhealth updating and interview
CSWDO workers & support staff prepare food commodities for the \"Alay Pamilya\" , a special project of Mayor Gie Rosal intended for the poorest of the poor families in the 70 barangays of this City.

1. 790 youths recommended for employment under the Expanded Government Internship Program (E-GIP) of DSWD & TESDA - Total pay-out: P10,146,000.00;

2. 8,201 families enrolled in the DSWD’s PANTAWID PAMILYANG PILIPINO PROGRAM (4Ps): Total CTC/pay-out for the year CY 2012: P212,432,000.00

3. 4009 day care children from 85 daycare centers of Legazpi City have been provided with supplemental feeding funded by the DSWD amounting to P9,935,640.00;

4. CWC educational assistance extended to 2 day care centers of (San Isidro & Lamba) amounting to P300,000.00 for books/reading materials

5. Council for the Welfare and DSWD provided funds to two day care centers (San Isidro, Puro and Lamba) for the upgrading and expansion of the centers amounting to P300,000.00;

6. 9 families benefited the Kabuhayan Kit sponsored by DOLE RO V amounting to P100,000.00

7. 68 youths recommended for skills training (DISASTER MANAGEMENT)
sponsored by YMCA and Lafayette (WASAR). Amount of training expenses: P42,500.00;
8. Thai rice donation c/o DSWDO FO V and National Food Authority (NFA-Albay) - 120 bags rice distributed to 710 indigent families of Legazpi City (Total amount: P168,000.00);

9. DSWD funded supplemental feeding for day care centers: DSWD turned over SF Trust Fund check amounting P6,254,040.00 for such purpose from August 2012 and expected to be fully spent before April 2013;

10. DSWD Cash for work for Day Care Gardening – P264,600.00
Twenty eight (28) day care centers qualified for cash for work for their parents’ effort of maintaining a backyard/container vegetable garden vegetable backyard/container garden;

11. Free eye screening & eye glasses extended to 11 men and 48 women; 3 clients availed of free prosthesis sponsored by Physicians for Peace Medical Mission;

12. Supplemental feeding extended to 30 malnourished children at Taysan Resettlement Site amounting to P50,000.00 c/o Phil. Pediatric Society;

13. 401 qualified indigent senior citizens paid social pension by the DSWD at P500/mo. –Total pay-out extended to Legazpi City for the CY2012 - P1,203,000.00

14. P11,000.00 worth of gift-giving items given to 55 families donated by Robina Corporation at Banquerohan Relocation Site:

15. 80 day care and EIP workers provided with a P500.00 quarterly honorarium by the Provincial Government of Albay. Total amount extended by the province for CY 2012: P120,000.00;
16. eat

1. 1,396 senior citizens were given orientation re: RA 9257, otherwise known as the “Expanded Senior Citizens Act”; 1,596 provided with discount IDs; 2,098 issued with medicine booklets; 2,106 provided with basic commodities purchase booklets:

2. 70 barangay senior citizens’ associations activated/re-organized:

3. 624 PWDs issued with discount IDs, purchase and medicine booklets

4. Continuous accreditation of day care centers & day care workers to qualify for the monthly honorarium from the city government;

5. Orientation/consultation meeting cum capability building to barangay leaders, women’s group involved in CSRPDV;

6. Continuous IEC/advocacy on various existing and applicable laws/ordinances to all sectors;

7. Rescued children in conflict with the law – 70 (without cases filed); child abuse cases: 29 (sexually), 54 (physically abused);

8. Day Care Service Program: Registered and served children reached 4009 for this year from the previous year’s 3068 total day care children. The increase was attributed to the intensified 4Ps program of the DSWD and the advocacy in the barangays to prepare the children for K-12 of the Deped;

9. Financial assistance granted to 3 CADAC clients amounting to P37,000.00 for rehabilitation;

10. SELF-EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: A total of P96,000.00 has been recommended & granted to eleven (11) qualified recipients as additional capital assistance invested in their respective projects;

11. Financial, relief, referrals, counseling & other assistance to City & office clients in especially difficult circumstances;

12. CSWDO staff visited barangays to conduct extensive & rigid PHIC MEMBERSHIP UPDATE AND ENROLMENT for all members under the sponsorship program of LGU, PGA , NHTS-NG and 4Ps of DSWD:
Breakdown of updated/interviewed per sponsorship:

a) LGU : 5,342 regular members
b) Albay PGA: 8755 enrollees
c) NHTS-NG: 9,414 enrollees

Distributed 2013 Philhealth cards to the 70 barangays:

a) LGU : 4,125 regular members
b) Albay PGA: 7,125 enrollees
c) NHTS-NG: 6,077 enrollees

I. PHILHEALTH PARA SA MASA - The LGU pays the insurance premium of 5,342 members;

II. “ALAY PAMILYA” PROJECT – monthly dry food ration for 710 indigent families for one year; and

III. HOSPITAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM FOR INDIGENTS – LGU paid hospital bills incurred by 113
patients/clients at Albay Doctors’ Hospital amounting to P298,537.95 for medical/health services. Program presently on hold.

City Social Welfare & Development Officer

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